Wednesday, March 12, 2008

works for me wednesday ~ oven burn

so the other day while making food for my daughters 1st bday party i was cooking a pizza. after taking it out of the oven for the first time i decided it need to be cooked more. so i reached in the oven and pulled out the pizza pan with my bare hand. after holding it for about 3 seconds i realized it was still hot :)!!!

OUCH! so i of course freaked out a little bc i just knew i was going to have a huge blister right in the middle of where your thumb and first finger meet bc that is where the majority of the pan touched. i also had burn circles on the ends of the tips of my fingers from the circles in the pan.

so i ran my hand under cold water while holding an ice cube. my dad got some bleach bc we heard that takes the sting out of burns. well it didnt really help at the time but i think it did in the long run. after about 15 mins of cold water i went back and forth between putting aloe on my and holding a cold diet dr pepper can this worked well to get that crease in my hand.

the whole party i went back and forth between these two things cussing myself the entire time for being an idiot!

well that night NO BURN!!

i really think all the things that i did worked for me to keep my hand from blistering! if you want more great tips be sure to visit Shannons site at rocksinmydryer.

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amy said...

So sorry you had to experience that but sooo glad no burn..

Hope I remember that!