Wednesday, March 5, 2008


i found a website from a mom who spends a lot of time finding bargains for us! she is all about CVS lately. one cool thing they are offering right now is free prints if you order on line.

i just finished my order and i am getting 50 free pictures. for those of us that take a lot of digital pics that is huge!

so if you want to take advantage of this offer go to CVS at the following link

she found all kinds of ways to get more prints so visit her site if you want to try to get 95 pics.

one of the steps (#3) requires that you attend a picture class, so by pass that one. but you can get the extra 10 and the extra 15. i forgot to get the extra 15 and didnt see the link she was talking about for the extra 10.

anyway, if you just click on the first link i posted you can at least get 50. they will be ready in an hour at your neighborhood CVS!!


Anonymous said...

im totally doing this- when can you take some pics of us...? i want to plan it around you...

i wasnt going to because of the stretch marks but i guess i really should have some for memories.

please let me know when you can do them. im free anytime!

Elizabeth F. said...

also use the promo code NEWSITE for an additional 10 free prints at checkout! The other promo code has expired.

I'm signing hubby up with his very own acct so we can get more free pics! :-)