Tuesday, March 11, 2008

birthday party pics

picture collage we have in her room, i pulled it out so everyone could see the babe over the year. if you click on it you can enlarge it and see all the pics.

look how big she looks!! like a little girl. she is sitting in her new macdaddy wagon she got for her bday gift from mommy and daddy. it is a radio flyer one with a canopy.

more cracker pics


friend paige



more cake

scary cake face

this is about as messy as it got

she didnt do the cake in the face thing

look at those cheeks

yummy :)


Brad & Jenn said...

Erin, I am not sure if our girls can be any cuter! We had a great time at Maggie's party. Her new wagin is awesome! I love that picture of Paige..can you send me a copy? Thanks! Love you all! Happy Birthday Maggie! Only two more days!!

Anonymous said...

that looks like one happy camper! :) hope you guys are doing awesome!