Sunday, April 29, 2007

me and my poppop

me and my pop pop

look how strong i am

more time in savannah

i know the answer!! my mommy loves this picture even though it is blurry

my first smile caught on film, look at my cheeks!

playing and having lots of fun, i just stared noticing toys this past week, i am six weeks now

another precious picture of me sleeping

visit to savannah

my second cousin michael

how funny is this picture

cousin ashley, she stayed up w/ me for 2 nights so my mommy could sleep, she is a great cousin!

my great grandma lucy, she is awesome, she held me a lot.

me and my mommy

me and my mommy hanging out, she loves me a lot!!

my brother nicholas

my brother nic and all his toys

one month old :)

i am one month old

visit from mimi

me and my mimi

my mimi sings to me and i love it

bath time with mimi

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

my first professional pictures

me and my dads hand

me and dad

me and mom

the cutest baby ever

sweet face

my second week

how cute am i?

i have to wear mittens all the time b/c even when my nails are short i still grab my eyes and make them red :-(

my mommy loves the picture of me sleeping :)

my bili bed

i was a little jaundiced my first weekend home so i had to get a special bed to sleep in. my mom was sad b/c she couldnt hold me for two days :-( i didnt seem to mind the bed it was warm and snuggly.

my first visitors at home

my grandpa, grandma, mema and pepa

my first day home

my first day at home

my first week

pictures of me in the hospital with my dad, mom and my grandmother and great grandmother. and the other one is just me :)