Saturday, March 24, 2012


and so it begins!

Friday, March 23, 2012

bouncy ball

cant remember if i uploaded this or not but its funny!!

peek a boo

i am IN LOVE with this little man! he brings me so much joy!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


hanging with the neighbors in the dry pool!
Typical girls: Quiet and sweet
Typical boys: Loud and all over

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

5 year old party {post four}

the girls!
of course the BIRTHDAY girl!
emma claire - we met her and her mom - and her ADORABLE little bro - one night at the avenue shopping center. we totally picked up the whole family that night and have been friends ever since. her mom is the bomb!
matney: my BFF's little girl! we have known her since she was in her mamas belly!
riley: she lives 2 doors down from us! we <3 her! her mom took all these rockin pics!
emily: ah, emily. maggies sweet friend from school! maggie ADORES!! her.
paige: my other BFFs daughter! we have also known her since she was in her mamas belly!
gargi: another sweet sweet friend from school! 
gargi is the one pictured in the below posts rockin it out!! shes super fun!
berkeley: my long long time friends daughter. ive known her mama FOREVER! 
ms. b and maggie are buds and SO much alike, the love and fight just like sisters!
briley: maggies first BFF. these two are such sweet little friends but never see each other, they met when they were in school together at buckhead church. 
so glad she was able to come to the party! 
her mom just had a new baby that was born on maggies actual bday!

** for some reason we dont have a picture of sweet bella in front of the #5 but we LOVE LOVE LOVE us some bella green!! we met her when she was also in her mamas belly. i worked with her dad at buckhead church. i had such a baby crush on her and now just adore the little girl she is becoming. she has a very very sweet spirit!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

5 year old party {post three}

every good party should have a pinata right?
this is one of those where you pull a ribbon and hopefully someone gets the lucky ribbon. 
well it didnt work so i had to smash it.
but kids dont care how they get it, they just want the candy!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

5 year old party {post two}

 move over taylor weve got a new star in town!
 one of maggies class mates ROCKIN it OUT!!

 the next girl super star band!

go G!!
 we love us some bella g!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

5 year old party {post one}

so my little baby girl turned 5! seriously? where in the heck did my little tiny baby go? we had an awesome party for her this past weekend. she invited all of her little girl friends over and we had a party ROCK STAR style! 

here are some pics of a few of the decorations and small touches to make it special for her!
thanks aunt bonnie for the decorations from her wedding!
we painted! not sure whose painting that is above left, but i love what it says! "LOVE life!".

this is written on the wall in our basement. 
just chalk on regular satin paint, it washes right off with a wet rag!
thanks to publix for saving the day after my hot mess of a cake. they always rock!
thanks jenny! for making these AWESOME cupcakes!
and one of the birthday girl in all of her glory! this girl WILL be a star one day :)

*special thanks to my neighbor abbi for all the pics! come back later for more!