Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

my 2 best girls

how cute are we??

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

out of pocket

i leave tomorrow night to prepare to walk the 3 day breast cancer walk in honor of my mom who is fighting this horrible disease. see you sunday!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

potty training glory days

so today was a day that i have to document, if for nothing else bc it will encourage you that you are not alone in whatever means you have to succumb to when it comes to making sure your kid goes when she (he) has to go. {this post is rather detailed and you wont get the full effect until the very end, so hang with me}

take today for example:

bug wakes up, goes pee and immediately goes poop. wow i think, she is getting the hang of this. then i notice it is rather soft. so maybe it didnt take much effort from her, it just happened. but still, GO BUG!

on the way to school. ALMOST there and she says mommy i have to go pee and poop. ummm. we have been known to pull over many many times on GA 400 to hang her cute little butt over the grass and let her go pee right there but we were at the GA 400 and 285 intersection and well, there just isnt a lot of grass around there. plus come on we are ALMOST THERE!! so i tell her to hang on and hold it. knowing that i might be on my way to target to buy new clothes any minute.

get to school. run to the potty and she goes pee and poop again right away. more soft poop. but hey she just started pooping on the potty regularly so i am really not sure what it is supposed to look like with her since it is usually mush! TMI alert: my step son always has mushy poop, so i didnt really think anything of it. so i tell her teachers, hey she has pooped 2 times already so just FYI, if she says she has to go take her right away.

ok fast forward to lunch time. my and bug go out to eat for lunch and walk back to school. during this walk back we walk through some grass and flowers. my phone rings so i stop to set our drinks on a ledge to be able to get my phone. i turn around and she is attempting to pee pee in the mulch in the flowers. so i pick her up, hold her over the grass and we pee pee right there in broad day light.

3pm. my phone rings. ummm, bug had an accident, can you come help us clean her up. sure, i am on my way. does she needs cloths? no, her pants are fine. i get to her and she is standing there in all her glory with poop all the way down her legs, all over her tush and other parts and her sweet teacher is cleaning up the floor and toliet in the bathroom, where my bug pooped ALL over the floor. sweet girl tried to make it to the potty and had an accident. so we attempt to clean her with paper towels and wipes when finally i just stuck her in the sink and bathed her. we go to put her pants on and what do you know they are covered in poop. :-/ so we get her PJs out of the car and she wears those for the rest of the day. she is now with me bc she cant go back to school bc now she officially has diarreah.

5:25pm. stop to pick up tickets for an event tonight. bug do you need to go potty. no mommy. are you sure. yes. ok lets go. our destination is literally 5 mins away. 30 seconds later: mommy i need to go pee pee. well now i am in traffic and cant really get anywhere. she says mommy ow it hurts. so i know she is going to go soon. so i un~buckle her car seat straps, pull off her tights and underwear (which are covered in poop bc i guess she had gone again!) stick my hand in the poop, have her lift up and put her rain coat underneath her and tell her to go. she goes pee only. i soak up the big puddle with her shirt from early today that is in the bag with her poop pants. have her sit on the raincoat, buckle her back in. (all this happens while we are stopped in traffic). get to our destination and put her back in the clean underwear and PJ pants and go to dinner.

mags and pumpkins

Monday, October 19, 2009

nick and the pumpkins

nick and his pumpkins. can you tell how happy he was?

nut face :)

all of these pictures were taken within seconds of each other. she is a nut and makes me laugh every day :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

freezing nick

here are the kids when we first got to the pumpkin farm. nick is miserable and bug cannot wait to get going! hilarious!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

Saturday, October 3, 2009

cvs actual trip :)

so i went to cvs tonight and ok i spent more than $1.50 but here is how it played out:

DEAL: dove spend $20 get $10 ebc.
$21 (for 3)
$4 manufacture coupons
$17 OOP (out of pocket)
$10 ecbs
$7 for 3 after ecbs

DEAL: revlon nail $3 ecbs
$3.99 1 bottle
$1 manufacturer coupons
$2.99 OOP
$3 ecb
FREE after ecbs

DEAL: St. Ives Facial Products spend $10 get $5 ebc
$12 for 3
$2 manufacture coupons
$10 OOP
$5 ecb
$5 for 3 after ecbs

DEAL: colgate tooth paste $2 ebcs
$2.99 for 1
$1 manufacture coupons
$1.99 OOP
$2 ecb
FREE after ecbs

DEAL: loreal hair color on sale $7.99
$15.98 for 2
$5.00 manufacture coupons
$10.98 for 2 OOP

DEAL: tooth brush on sale
$2.99 OOP

according to my receipt
spent $29.05 OOP
"saved" $42.83 {yes they mark stuff up but thats why you coupon and do ecbs!}
got $20 in ecbs

~ dont forget i had $13.50 in ecbs from an earlier trip as well as $5 off a $25 purchase.

heres the explanation for it if it helps:

dove is on sale with ecbs back. by $20 worth and get $10 ecb. i had coupons for dove so i got 2 HUGE bottles of body wash and 1 ~ 6 pack of bar soap. i paid $21 for all of these. had coupons for $4 off so thats $17 out of pocket. and i got $10 ecb. so thats $7 dollars after ecbs for all of that!

1 bottle of fun nail polish. it was $3.99 with $3 ecb back and i had a coupon for $1. so i only paid $2.99 for it and i got $3 back. so thats FREE after ecbs.

my hair color is on sale right now for only $7.99 and i had coupons one for $3 off and one for $2 off. so i got 2. i paid $10.98 for two! {if you consider i could get my hair done in a salon thats really a savings of $300+ :) }

toothpaste is one sale for $2.99 with $2 ecbs back. i had a coupon for $1. i got it for free after ecbs.

tooth brushes are on sale and i really needed one :) $2.99 (no deals on this except it was on sale)

st ives facial scrub has a deal right now if you spend $10 you get $5 ecb. i had 2 coupons worth $2 so i got 3 of them for $5 after you add the ecbs.

Friday, October 2, 2009


fun with photobooth :) me, nicky and bug.


another reason it "pays" to be an extra care bucker :) just for using my card and getting my meds there i get $6.50 free money. AND i get a $5.00 off any $25.00. i know i know. that means you have to spend $25.00. well yes but not really.......the way it works at cvs is you ring up all the purchases FIRST! then you give them the $5.00 off. then you give them all the manufacturer coupons you have, which you should have for every item you are buying (or dont buy it), THEN you give them the extra care bucks you have from previous trips. right now i have about $7.00.

so with the above i could get "$25.00" worth of stuff for probably nothing. {again this is just a pretend trip but its pretty realistic}

$5.00 (above coupon)
$5.00 (manufacturer coupons)
$7.00 (ecbs from earlier trip)
$6.50 (ecbs for the quarter shown in the pic above)
$1.50 total out of pocket

i will probably get more ecbs bc i always do :) so really they paid me this trip :)

toy story 1 & 2

this is coming soon and to get us all ready for it they are showing a double feature of toy story 1 & 2 for 2 weeks in 3D!! we are going this saturday at 10am. are you going?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

how old is she?

so i am used to my bug and all her crazies of course, but tonight at the park i got to see her through another moms eyes when she said. she is a daredevil. "how old is she?"

we went to the park just like any other night and tonight bug really showed her stuff by being a crazy girl.


she did this all by herself. yes i freaked me out a bit but she did it and she did it with NO FEAR.

here she is doing the "skin the cat" for about the 15th time. if you don't know what that is basically from this position she will pull her legs all the way through and then land on her feet. she starts off in the standing position with her hands on the bar and then pulls her feet up and her legs through and down. there was about a 4ish or so little girl at the park that could not even get her feet up to the bar. :)

and of course, not to be content with sitting on the tire swing. we had to try standing on it like the big kids do!