Sunday, March 23, 2008

bragging on the babe

so i have some cute pics to come tomorrow but i have to brag on my babe!! she said meow!! my dad was reading to her and pointed to the kitty and said "what does a kitty say?" and she said eowww. she has been doing this squeal thing for awhile whenever she sees the cats but i just thought she was excited! but oh no the girl was meowing the whole time and i didnt know it.

she also did the sign for please the other day when she wanted her water cup. my mom also said that she said bubble the other day when they were playing with the bubbles outside!!

such a big girl!!

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Chris said...

That's awesome! Hey, we have the Nikon D40x. Carlos has one and he is who turned me on to it. Amber just bought one and started shooting on Friday....note her latest blog entry.

-Chris G.