Sunday, June 29, 2008

water fun!!

we took the babe to the fun water fountain at the mall of ga this weekend. it is safe to say that she loved it! we ended up with so many great, fun shots that i can't pick a favorite but i do love love love this first one. you have to click on it to make it bigger so you can see her face!!

it took her a while to warm up to it but once she did she was ALL over the place. i just love these pictures. for more best shots click here.

Friday, June 27, 2008

more new words

so "they" say that once your kid gets it a far as talking they will just start rattling words off all the time. so i am not sure if this is a freak 24 hours but mags has said: hat, boots, dora, tounge, and the sound a pig makes all in the last 24 hours.


in case you wonder where the dora and boots came from? this is why she is saying those 2 words.

her daddy bought her this so she can take it to the beach when we go next week :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

a roseola by any other name

is NOT as sweet.

so my little bug has been sick for a while now.

it all started last thursday night. she just was not herself and had a rough night. i assumed it was her teeth bc i can see a molar coming in. well friday same thing. not my usual sweet CRAZY all over the place bug. we went outside bc my mom has a pool. what did bug do? she sat in my lap and ate ice chips. in hindsight i see that was bc her fever had spiked and she was hot and thirsty. so after she just was not into being outside and all she did was sit in my lap ~ keep in mind she is usually all over the place and we have to chase her down to keep her contained ~ we went inside. i took her temp bc she was really hot. i thought it was again just teeth and would prob only be 99 or so. well it was 101 ish. so i gave her some motrin and didnt think anything else of it.

later that night on the way home from moms, (she lives about an hour away) bug didnt go to sleep. she kept moaning from the back seat. usually at 8pm at night in the car is a guaranteed out like a light scenario. so when i got her home i took her temp again and it was 104.5! i pulled the termometer out at 104.5 and called the Dr. it may have even been higher!

so we went to the hospital to make sure all was well. as a new mom with a baby that has not been sick a lot especially with fevers i sort of freaked out at that number. (these 2 pics are how she looked all weekend, so pitiful)

anyway we were at the hospital for 2 hours. they gave her a huge syringe of tylenol. waited 40 mins, took her temp. still 104, gave her motrin, waited 40 mins. her fever finally broke, we went home. they couldnt find a cause for the fever. she was clean in all her parts and no strep came back from her test.

we watched her all weekend and the last time she had a fever was sat night.

well...last night we get home and she has this:

click to see details

poor little bug has roseola. which is not a huge deal but looks exactly like measles. and since there is a measles outbreak i sort of thought that might be it.

but it isnt. she is ok. but if you are a new mom and your baby has a really high fever and then breaks out in a rash after the fever stops then you should know (and it might save you $100+ on hospital visits and co pays) that it is probably roseola.

Monday, June 23, 2008

more pics

look how cute this is! if you click on this to make it bigger, she has mac and cheese all over her face!!

playing at the mall play ground

kiss daddy!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

look what i can do

backyard fun

fun day in the pool. look at this action shot of mags pouring water!

wet baby!

nick pouring water on mags. she loves it!

i love this picture, she just looks so happy! and of course she is running, which is her constant state right now :)

brother and sister. they love each other!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

update from the mom ~ 15 months

as the babe enters into almost 15 months of life, here is the latest on her. man she is a crazy, silly, happy girl!

  • she can say "please" in sign language without being asked. the other day we were playing the paci game where i put it in and out of her mouth, the second time i pulled it out she made the please sign!
  • she can make the "more" sign when prompted. we are working on "thank you" and "milk". we are sort of behind in our sign language but she is doing great.
  • she is only taking one nap now.
  • she has graduated into the toddler room at school.
  • she made her first piece of art the other day that was not made with her hand or feet prints.

  • she puts her face in the water in the tub and when swimming.
  • she loves to dance. at school they play the freeze dance game. she dances dances dances, then they say freeze and throw up their hands. she totally does it with them!
  • she loves to jump in the jumpy bounce house.
  • she loves to jump from the chair onto a pillow on the floor. not sure how active most kids are at her age but she is really flexible and always always on the move. tonight when she got out of the bath i couldnt get her diaper on bc she kept arching her back. like ALL THE WAY. like she was doing a back bend. crazy!
  • she can almost do a somersault ~ well sort of ~ she bends all the way down with her head on the floor and leans over, she falls to the side :)
  • she is on whole milk now.
  • she loves loves loves pickles and olives. she chose a pickle vs a cheese sandwich and fries the other day!
  • she is still a joyful, and happy ALL the time sweet girl.
here is a recent picture that we took of her that captures her EXACTLY!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

fun day at the park

we went to this really fun park the other day in roswell. it is called roswell rec park. it is sort of old but they have a little kids area that is closed in by a fence. i recommend it is you have small kids. i cant find the online link but it is right down the street from the down town roswell historic cemetery.

they have this fun tunnel that has cuts in it so you can get a grip. mags loved it!!

here she is in one of the bucket swings. she loved this too. she was just chilling and then leaned forward with her arms over the swing and tipped forward and almost fell out. i took a HUGE breath in and ran to her and said something loud like "OH MY GOSH MAGS!" and you know what she did?? she laughed out loud at mommy. they are so fearless!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

the sweet smell of...fear?

so tonight as i was rocking my sweet babe to sleep, like we do every night, she was extra cuddly. she has taken to drinking her bottle with her back to my chest and then turning over to face me where she usually will fall asleep. tonight she turned over and gave me a sweet long open mouth baby kiss right on my cheek next to my nose. it was so sweet and when she did it i could smell her. she had just had a bath yet she was sort of sweaty, she gets hot easy. so combined with her shampoo smell i could also smell her. her scent.

what is it about the way your baby smell that gets your hormones all wacked out. my stomach tingles, then it hurts. i love that little girl so much that it makes me crazy. crazy good and crazy bad. i am so excited and so looking forward to watching her grow. yet so afraid and so nervous to watch her grow.

just tonight she was moving the chairs from the kitchen into the living room. "they" say moving furniture is a normal part of toddler hood. wait...i have a toddler, what happened to my baby? wasnt i just waking up with her every 2 hours, didnt she just learn how to roll over, crawl, pull up, walk??? now she is moving chairs. what happens when she gets up on them, and then onto the counter. what if she falls. cracks her head. we go to the hospital, she becomes one of those babies you see what a pink cast on her arm and think how cute? uhhhhhh. deep breath out.

when i smell her like that i get afraid, afraid to trust God, afraid that no matter what i do, something will happen to her. something worse than a broken arm. the worse fear, every moms nightmare. so tonight i am confessing that, confessing that tonight, i am afraid.

sand box video part 2

when you watch the next 2 videos notice a consistent ending to both of them :) want a hint. look at the last picture at the picture post below these 2 videos. the girl is crazy!! i posted 3 times so make sure to scroll down.

sandbox fun video part 1

sandbox fun

among the many upgrades to our house this summer, we are also doing fun stuff! we bought one of those turtle sandboxes. i had a homemade awesome one i made 2 yrs ago for nick BUT we didnt have a cover. so you can imagine what happened to it :( anyway this one is awesome. it comes with a top. the kids loved it when we played this morning for the 1st time.

notice how she is blurry, she is always moving! i couldnt get them to look at me either, they were too busy!

we pulled a lot of our other toys into the back. this is our really big wagon that has a canopy on it. mags was playing in it. she got stuck :)

we got a runner :) this girl is ALWAYS in motion.