Friday, January 25, 2008

update on mags!

so this is what is going on with the sweet babe this week~

1. she started walking on monday, i have not been able to get a video of it yet bc

2. she has her first bad cold, she has only had a 12 hr stomach virus since she was born, she has been really really heathly until this week, she has the crud bad

3. she started cutting her 4 top teeth last week

4. her crud has turned into an ear infection, her left ear :(

5. BUT, she walked from the bed to the closet tonight to get me and it was about 10 steps....she would have gone more i think but she got me :)

1 comment:

kfranklin said...

i'm glad lukester could contribute to so many of maggie mae's milestones this week. :)