Tuesday, January 15, 2008

maggiemae is 10 months!

i cannot believe that little bugger is 10 months!! Wow! she is amazing. i fall more and more in love with her daily. she is so much fun. right now she is trying so hard to walk. she stands up now for a long time without help. she can go from one surface to the next without falling. she sort of took a step last night but not really. she sort of fell towards me. but she is almost there. c and i both walked at 9 months so my mom thinks she is being a slacker by not walking yet (of course she is kidding) but she will any day. you should see her on her walker toy, she thinks she is all that plus some when she gets that thing going. i will try to get a video of it soon.

anyway right now beside trying to walk she is fascinated with her tongue. she makes faces all the time and knows how to curl it so she does that all the time now.

she is not sleeping well right now. i dont think i shared this before but when she was trying to stop nursing one of the lactation ladies suggested feeding her at night when she is sleepy bc she would eat when she was tired and that might help to get her to latch on again. well we started doing that and that was fine when we were still nursing bc she was right there, i could go back to sleep easy etc...now she has stopped nursing all together but she still expects food in the middle of the night...not so easy when you have to get up and make a bottle. so our goal for this week and next is to get her unused to that middle of the night snack! not as easy as it sounds...it took about 2 hours to get her to go back to sleep last night. as i know you have read before we dont cry it out so when she wakes up i rock her back to sleep or feed her (before) and then all is well 5-10 min later. well last night she was a little bear :) but all is well today and we will give it another shot tonight. i just dont see myself getting up and going to the fridge to get her milk when she is off of formula so this needs to stop soon.

anyway that is all i got


Brad & Jenn said...

She is a doll! It's going so fast! She will be in less than two months!! Yikes!!

KatieMGreen said...

I hope tonight is better for you!!!