Wednesday, January 23, 2008

7 random things about me?

i was tagged by my friend Kristen F. to share 7 random things about myself so here ya go.

1. i secretly wish i could get paid to take pictures but i am not good at lighting and that is such a huge part of taking pics. (some of you probably knew that)

2. i am addicted to grey's anatomy and lost. cant wait for lost to start back next week!

3. once i got married i realized that i am a home body. i dont really like traveling out of town that much. when i was single i thought i wanted to travel around the world. now that i have a house and a family i dont like going anywhere for more than a day. go figure?

4. i love to blog. posting on my blog and reading others. there is an entire world out there that can keep you busy for hours. i love it! not that i have hours :)

5. i am about to start dieting hard core. i had to get ready mentally. and when i do, i eat weird stuff so i dont want to hear anything from my co workers when we see each other in the kitchen.

6. i never though i could love someone so much. now i understand how moms would die/kill for their children.

7. i have had the following names:

Erin Rebecca Rivers
Erin Rebecca Aliffi
Erin Rebekah McKennah
Erin McKennah Ritter

wanna know why, ask me??

i am now tagging the following friends: Jennifer, Emily, Rachel, Clarissa, Lacey, Katie P. and Amy. good luck girls this was hard!!


Anonymous said...

Please tell me it isn't time for eggs and peas again? I don't think I can take it!!!!
And isn't it funny about being a homebody? I don't like being gone overnight and I don't like being home without my husband. Who would have ever thought?!?!?
S. Heald

Darcie said...

I want to know where all of your names came from!

Kelli said...

I'm right there with you with Lost and Grey' is an addiction! Lost starts Wednesday!!!

I cannot wait to hear about your names!

Carrie said...

i could be a homebody too but it is hard when you are married to an extreme extrovert:) fun to read your "random things"