Wednesday, January 16, 2008

no longer a toothless wonder

***** correction now i really feel like a bad mom, she is getting all 4 of her top teeth at the same time :(*****

my sweet baby is cutting her 2 top teeth right now. she already had the 2 on the bottom but those are easy to hide and when she smiles you dont really see them. but now you will see the top ones and i dont want her to get them! she wont be that sweet gummy baby anymore :( i really am sad about it.

not to mention she was really restless and uncomfortable last night so i know she is hurting and that makes me sad not to mention TIRED since it was a LONG night again. this is probably the worst week we have had in her 10 months. in the beginning at least we could comfort her with food or whatever when she woke up all the time. not now between 3-5 last night all she wanted was me to hold her. i didnt realize it was her teeth until this morning so mean mommy didnt handle last night too well. oh well today is a new day and i will be more prepared tonight :)

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Amber said...

you are not a mean mommy! These things are just hard to figure out. Hang in there!