Friday, November 30, 2012

Tori the Elf - first week

Tori is back! Our Elf on the Shelf that is. We love her. I actually grew rather attached to her last year and she even made a few special appearances last year for April Fools Day and Easter! 
She decided to arrive a little early this year, I guess she had so much fun last year that she wanted to be with our family for even longer! Yeah for us!

Here is how she started her visit with us. She left Maggie a note on my new computer! Maggie has been obsessed with it lately so Tori was smart and went right to where Maggie always goes first thing! Her note says, " Hi Maggie. Im back to hang out with you during the Christmas Holiday. Lets have some fun together. Tell your brothers Im watching them! Love Tori." 

Then she left a note in marshmallows! She enjoys leaving notes for Maggie, which we love 
because I think it helps us get to know her!

  Then we got this special message from Tori about the day before. See Tori didnt move the night before and we were a tad disappointed when we woke up and she was still on the fireplace. This is where she goes every morning after we find her, its her safe keeping spot, out of reach from little brothers dirty hands! Well when we work up she was still there! :( she the next day we found her hanging out near Santa with ANOTHER NOTE!

"Sorry I didnt move last night. I wasnt feeling good. But Im better now! Love Tori" 
This time she wrote it by hand!

And then this morning we found evidence of her midnight snacking on the 
homemade cookies Maggie made! Looks like she enjoyed them! 

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