Saturday, May 10, 2008

fun being 14 months

the following 2 videos have a consistent theme: the babe is in her diaper and the house is a mess. but hey it is hot outside and she is 14 months and into EVERYTHING!!

pillow fight!!

daredevil mags


playing at park

notice how she and her doll are in the same position

how sweet is this?

a sweet gift they made for me at Waumba. thats the babe's feet.


Kelli said...

happy mommy's day! :)

whittakerwoman said...

don't they grow up to fast! H

Susan and Lee said...

That is such a cute gift

Joy said...

i am laughing so much at these videos. the laughing is priceless and she's precious. hm, maybe we'll try a pillow fight tonight!