Saturday, May 17, 2008

# 29

have you ever had one of those moments that just sticks with you throughout your day? the memory just lingers. i had one of those today at the park.

today we took nick and the babe to the park to play after lunch. we went to wills park . we went right after lunch. it was crowded. all kinds of sports events going on. every dad in town had kid duty. the place was a zoo.

and here i am with my little 14 month old who wants to be on the big kid side with her brother. she cant do much on this side except wander around. she is really into steps right now. up ~ down ~ up ~ down. she is learning how to hold onto the sides of the rails to help herself get up without help. we were in the middle of the play area. they have these tunnel like areas that have steps and such that you can climb up to get to the tree house fort like places that lead to all the slides. well there are little step areas all over the place. the babe was in heaven. she was just stepping up down, up down. well all of the sporting games seemed to end at the same time. all of a sudden there were a ton of "bigger" kids playing tag. a bunch of rough and tough boys running ALL over the place. up and down all of these tunnel areas. chasing each other.

one boy who was running away from the tagger came around the corner and needed to go into the tunnel where the babe was going up down, up down. well here is what happened.

he came upon her, stopped, waited for her to finish what she was doing, she lost her balance and fell down. he bent down, and with both hands picked her up gently and said here you go. and off he went.

it was the sweetest tenderest moment i have seen in a long time. this rough and tumble pre teen boy playing with his buddies. trying to win the tag game. stops and takes a moment to help a little girl.

i hope that mags grows up to be like this.

heres to #29 :)

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amy said...

how sweet! way to go #29!