Tuesday, May 5, 2009


i swear the more i learn about what is going on in this world the less tolerance i have for ignorant people. the less tolerance i have for selfish, self centered people. i know Jesus calls us to love others but i also feel like he calls us to call people out on their issues too.

i am sure there are lots of specks in my eyes but lately i have been so disgusted with peoples behavior.

today alone i removed a friend from facebook bc of some of his ignorant status updates. 2 days in a row he has been insulting to not only me but to so many of the people in this world who are already fighting an uphill battle.

i follow a mom on her blog as well as her twitter. her child is very sick. today she twittered such a selfish self~centered comment that i was actually shocked that it came from her. bc her child is sick her blog has become very popular. bc of her popularity she no longer seems to have time to answer peoples questions about her. sad.

anyway i just needed to rant. i cant believe some of the horror that is going on in our world and some people are worried about the stupidest things.

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