Sunday, May 24, 2009


back when i was single i had this really great apartment. it was really cute, and decorated awesomely. {love that word} they even used it as a model to show potential tenants. it was clean, organized, and just mine.

i loved least i thought i did.

now i am married and a mommy to the sweetest little girl. i have a new place to live. it isnt clean, it isnt organized and it is ours. not mine.

~ i would rather have a messy house and a full heart than a clean house and an empty heart

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Anonymous said...

Such a sweet post. Sometimes I worry about this - I'm totally OCD about my house and think I'm going to go nuts with a little one and all his/her stuff around. But reading this reminds me, I won't...I'll just be loving all the love! =)