Saturday, January 17, 2009

the (*&^&%* almost hit the fan today

so i had to rearrange mags room yesterday bc for the past few weeks she has been able to get in an out of her crib by crawling over the rail. so i moved anything and everything away from the crib and took off the front so she cant climb over. of course she still climbs over the bed rail but it is was lower to the ground and she wont fall as far :)

you can watch her in action below.

so yesterday she slept in her new big girl bed for the first time for her nap:

about an hour 1/2 into the nap i hear her moving around in her room playing. i waited a while and checked on her bc i am trying to let her be a big girl and just play by herself. so after a few minutes i went to get her after she started knocking on the door!

i opened it and there she is naked baby and the whole room smells like poop! my smart girl unzipped her jammies, stepped out of then un~velcroed one side of her nasty poppy diaper and pulled it to the floor.

good news is no poop on the floor, walls or her ~ except for the hiney area ~ wow was i ever grateful, that could have been a big mess! i have heard horror stories about poop everywhere.

i am sure that isnt the end of that though since she hates clothes and takes them off any chance she gets.


The Rice's said...

Oh my goodness!! Gotta love poop:) Had a great time the other night! LOve you!

Douglasfam said...

whoa. that could have been really bad. whew - thank goodness! she is too funny!!! glad y'all are doing so great!

Courtney said...

erin - that video is awesome. what a little gymnast!