Friday, December 26, 2008

random pics from the past few weeks

the following are random pics from the past few weeks.

mags at chickfila enjoying an ice cream!

looking through a fence

these three pictures were taken by my friend/coworker chris. he has mad skills with the camera!

she was just rolling around on the stage at work and he just captured her perfectly!!

this is one of my new favorites. i love the look on her face and the shape of her little lips!

her present this year for christmas! her OB bought her a horse!

love the morning bedhead!

playing with her tea set. she loved it.

new dress up shoes! i LOVE having a little girl, but man they come with a LOT of stuff!!

fun pics from bath time with daddy.

so serious!

1 comment:

KatieMGreen said...

1) you are taking some GREAT pics, Erin!
2) i love the pic with the shoes, i love having a girl, too!
3) the second to last picture, she looks like Kirsten Dunst.