Thursday, November 8, 2007

the rest of my room

we thought you might like to see my room since we never put it on here...the only new thing is the fan below but we just wanted to share ;)

this is my name that mommy painted

these are the shelves that are all around my room, they have ribbon on the edges

this is my cabinet with some of my clothes in it and more shelves

this is the fun christmas tree my grandma got me today

these are my curtains that my grandma made me

this is the pretty tie back for the curtains

this is my night stand and my lamp that mommy and grandma painted

this is my rocking chair that grandma recovered for me, it also has a foot stool you cant see here (those animals on the shelf above are my grandmas dog that is made out of her bridesmaid dresses, my mommies favorite toy, puppy, mommies first teddy bear, mommies first doll, mommies cabbage patch doll and my first doll from my ob (grandpa)

my crib (above are mommies winnie the pooh toys)

1 comment:

KatieMGreen said...

i love it!!! that lamp is too cute! pink and brown... great taste ;)