Friday, November 9, 2007

dear maggiemae

so during my ongoing journey into the world that is blogging i have come across this entire network that is moms on the internet...i have learned many things on my travels such as the proper lingo to use when referring to your family DH, DD, DS (darling husband, daughter and son) what to call yourself: SAHM, WAHM (stay at home and work at home mom), i have learned about baby legs and what sort of baby carrier is best depending on the size of your baby and how you want to carry them :) see adventures in babywearing or mom4life...i have learned to embrace the way i want to parent my child, i have learned recipes for making my own baby food...i have learned about freecycle....but the one thing i have picked up that i thought was really neat is this one mom who write letters to her children every this post is for my dd, my bug, my peanut, my maggiemae...

little bug i love you so much, i am so happy that i get to be your mommy, i never knew that i could love someone so much. i understand now when they say that people could kill or die for their children, i would do both for you. just getting to look at you makes my day, i love the way you laugh, i love the way you smell, i love the way you eat a cracker all by yourself :), i love the way you try to pull up on the couch and fall down and get mad, i love the way you say mama, and dada and even if you dont know what they mean i think you do, bc i love the way you cry when i leave the room and in your tears i can hear you say mama...and when i come back to get you you smile and reach your arms up. i love the way you sit up in your crib when you wake up around 11pm and cry until i come and get you to sleep with me, i love that i am ok with you sleeping with me :0) i love the way you roll over at night and snuggle up to me, i love the way you fall asleep on my shoulder when i rock you to sleep at night, i love that i am ok with rocking you to sleep at night :0) i love that i dont listen to all the books out there that tell me i shouldnt do that and i love the way the pediatrician gives me a look when i tell her i nurse you a lot at night, i love the way you open your mouth like a little bird when i feed you your cereal and fruits and veggies, i love the little fat rolls on your legs that i could kiss all day, i love the way you play the piano like you know what you are doing, i love that you think a napkin is the coolest thing around, i love the way you drink water out of my glass like you are a big girl, i love that you love me and that i am the most important person in your life. that feels good :)

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