Friday, September 21, 2007

first family update

things are going well with us, i of course love my job and christian is doing well with his vending business. he is up to about 80+ machines now which is huge for one person to do! he is all over atlanta but he loves it and wouldnt do anything else.

for those of you who dont know i work for a church i love my job, i get to work with an amazing team of volunteers. as of right now our team of volunteers is 500+ strong! amazing!

christian and i just celebrated our two year anniversary and went on a marriage retreat last weekend. it was nice. it was our first chance to get away as a couple since mags was born. we missed her like crazy but it was good for us. the retreat was fantastic. basically it taught us marriage principles that i think a lot of couples learn late in their marriages or not at all, how lucky and blessed we are that we got to be a part of this after being married for only 2 years.

the one thing i took away from the conference is that fulfillment is only found in relationships.

i think too often i try to find my contentment and fulfillment in other things like my house and what i do or do not have in it. my clothes, how skinny i am (or am not since having a baby!) what kind of car i drive, what kind of marriage i have, anything that i can compare to other people. this retreat really taught me that i really dont need to be too concerned about all that, God wants us to be content in Him and then in each other.

i think i can work on that b/c i know i have tried all the other things and it isnt working :)

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The Gerborgs said...

loved looking at the pics of maggie. so cute. i love that little pink dress with the brown polka dots. can't believe she's so big! how do they get so big so fast!