Sunday, September 30, 2007

been a while

sorry it has been a while since i posted, it seemed sort of trite to post about how great we are when that sweet family buried their baby this week.

things for this week
  • mags is really frustrated b/c she is about to crawl she is up on her knees rocking back and forth, i will try to get a video of it...
  • she is having a hard time sleeping unless she is with me, i think i created a monster. but she slept 12 hours last night when she was in my bed so i think i will deal with it for a while so we can all sleep, to me that is better than having her cry from 3am - 5am. am i wrong in that? probably, but she wont be in the bed with me when she is a teenager right? we will eventually get through this phase
  • she is eating solids two times a day and seems to love them
that is really it for the baby this week for mom and dad? we are good, dad is out of town in las vegas at his yearly convention for his work. i am just plugging along doing what i do each week.

things are good..enjoy the pics i just took about 5 mins ago.....bad lighting :( but cute baby :)

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Katie Green said...

She is sooooooo cute!!!!! We love reading your blog, too!