Friday, December 23, 2011

hallie ~ the christmas miracle

so you may or may not already know about sweet hallie green. if you do then you have already been blessed by her little life. if not let me tell you an awesome story. for me it actually all began about 3 years ago when i came across a blog about a little girl named copeland. she was born with trisomy 18 - a birth disorder.

my daughter was only about 10 months when i found out about copeland and i followed her little life every day until the Lord decided to take her home. well little did i know my friend katie was also following this blog. what is it about new moms and blogs about sick babies? i think some of us become obsessed. obsessed with praying for these babies and their families and i think ultimately just being grateful for our own healthy children and wondering how in the world these moms are surviving knowing that their precious babies will eventually pass away.

fast forward to early this year. i started volunteering in the preschool environment at my church after i stopped working in 2010. i was very excited to have this time with my adult friends. being home with a new baby is awesome but a girl needs to talk to someone who does more than babble!

i was excited that the girls i would be working with were my two katies.  two women i already loved but didnt get to see enough. both of these women have daughters close in age to mine so we see each other often but usually only at birthday parties for the kids, never enough time to actually talk about girl stuff that doesnt involve our kids!

and then this spring katie g. told us. she was pregnant and this time with another precious baby girl. but this time her baby girl had some challenges, she has trisomy 13. while this is different than baby copeland it is similar enough that her little baby girl had a limited future. how does one process this information? how do you wake up everyday and know that the little life you are carrying will only be with you briefly if even at all. well my friend katie did this with the utmost grace. not that everyday was easy, but she tried to see the joy in everyday. especially once her little bean started to kick, those moments were precious, i think even more intimate and special for her than with her first two.

it was an honor to be able to spend time with katie and little hallie all those months she was in her mommies belly. hallie is now here, she was born on december 19th. and she is still here. she is 6 days old. and every day she is here is a miracle. her mom and dad were not even sure she would survive her birth, well she did! and she is still fighting.

she is a miracle. a miracle not just for her mom and dad but for the thousands - yes i said thousands - of people who are following her little life. she has her own facebook page! as of right now she has 3,030 fans!

as many people have said "its not a coincidence that there is a little baby born at Christmas that is drawing us all closer to God". go to their blog, follow their story and be touched. be touched by baby hallie, her mom, dad and sweet sisters and ultimatley be touched by God.