Saturday, January 29, 2011

secret hideaway, pt 1

so for a while now i have wanted to do something with our downstairs closet. it is one of those places that just collects stuff. not stuff we ever really use either, just stuff. so i have gone back and forth between: moving christians office in there, making it my sewing room, organizing it for storage etc. well last week i had a thought that i should make it into a secret hideaway for bug. one of my goals is to get all of the toys (except for a small basket) out of the living areas and move it all to the basement. our basement is finished and a really good size for all of us to have a "zone" down there. so last sunday as i was sitting on the couch really feeling lazy (i know i know im pregnant, yada yada but i have spent WAY too much time on this couch) so i got up and me and bug went to work!

i dont have a before pic of the entrance but basically what we are doing here is making it super girly and personal just for bug. eventually all of her dress up clothes will be on this rack and i have another mirror i am going to hang. the one you see propped up is way too heavy to hang.

this is the right side of the closet, basically just clutter clutter clutter!

old book case of my grandmothers that we have had for a very long time. it has been painted so many times i have NO idea what the original color is! the other day i was asking my mom to take it back but then had the idea to just paint it again and bug can use it now and when she gets older for homework etc!!

left side of the closet, more clutter

bugs masterpiece on the wall she painted!

im not great at taking before and after pics. i always start on a project and then OH YEAH i need a picture of the before. so the front of the trunk was already painted. but you get the idea. this is an old trunk of mine that was just collecting junk. so we painted it and made it have a soft top where bug can sit :)

stay tuned for more :)

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