Thursday, October 1, 2009

how old is she?

so i am used to my bug and all her crazies of course, but tonight at the park i got to see her through another moms eyes when she said. she is a daredevil. "how old is she?"

we went to the park just like any other night and tonight bug really showed her stuff by being a crazy girl.


she did this all by herself. yes i freaked me out a bit but she did it and she did it with NO FEAR.

here she is doing the "skin the cat" for about the 15th time. if you don't know what that is basically from this position she will pull her legs all the way through and then land on her feet. she starts off in the standing position with her hands on the bar and then pulls her feet up and her legs through and down. there was about a 4ish or so little girl at the park that could not even get her feet up to the bar. :)

and of course, not to be content with sitting on the tire swing. we had to try standing on it like the big kids do!

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