Monday, June 29, 2009

she sleeps in shoes

so the bug loves shoes and clothes! so much so that she even likes to sleep in them. she has this thing for the garanimals clothing at walmart bc the tags all have a different animal on them. so in the photos below the orange shirt is not just an orange shirt it is the tiger shirt. the pants arent black pants they are her koala pants. the green outfit is all zebra. the girl will wake up in the morning still half asleep and slur "i wan zebra pants hippo shirt". she also LOVES her shoes. she goes to sleep in them every night. if i take them off of her and she is awake enough to notice ~ meltdown city :) you will notice in picture number 4 she is asleep with her new backpack on!

one day, a while ago, when we were at the store i saw a little girl in her princess dress. it tickled me bc i thought it was so cute that she had her own thoughts about wanting to wear that out to the store. i said to that mom and to my bug that i couldnt wait for the day for bug to have her own opinion about what she wants to wear :) well i sure did get what i asked for. and these pictures only represent the last of the 3-5 outfits she puts on after we get home from school :)


Natalie said...

I'm impressed that she can keep those flip flops on in her sleep. Too funny!

~ Sabina :-) said...

that is soooo funny! i sometimes wonder if ellie is going to love shoes and clothes too!