Friday, August 1, 2008

george michael - 25 live

can you believe he has been around for 25 years! man i am old. i liked him when he first came out as WHAM!

back in the day. and i mean WAY back in the day.

so last night my hubby took me to see him in concert at philips arena. i wont even dwell on the fact that the ticket said "no opening act, show starts at 8pm prompt" and he started at 8:45! but man was it worth the wait. he was amazing. his stage was incredible. and he sounded like he was singing off the records. his voice was so smooth!

he still has the looks too. he doesnt really look like he has aged at all!!

and he can still get it done like he did back in "Faith" days!

that was so fun!!

so what is the one band or artist that takes you back?


Susan and Lee said...

I saw him in high school at the old Fulton County Stadium. It was great! Rick Springfield takes me back. I love him. He was on the early show yesterday promoting his new album. He was the first concert I saw (I was in the 7th grade)

Carrie said...

i am cracking up! that sounds like fun but please tell me he wore the wham shorts!

amy said...

well, let's just say that i am going to see new kids on the block in october! oh yeah!