Thursday, July 24, 2008

best friends

these are some of my most favorite people in the world!!!

from left to right
back row: abby (roses daughter), me, erica, jen, gina, susan and rose
front row: stacey and audrey


Susan and Lee said...

Whose camera was that? It looks so crisp and clear and I don't have red eyes! Yeah! I especially like our matching shirts Erin.

Brad & Jenn said...

We are some cute chics!! Love you! Your one of my favoite people too!!

Jared & Stacey said...

We are so cute! And you and I think alike because I have almost the same post on our blog. Great minds, you know!

Darcie said...

I saw this blog post this morning and knew I had to send it to you. It can explain better than I ever could about Site Meter and finding out who Google searches you. Hope it's helpful!