Saturday, December 22, 2007

man it is early

wow i never thought i would see the time between 6-7 am so many times in one year. back in the day (way back) i used to go to bed at this time or even later, those were the days. but now i am up at this time almost everyday except for the 1 day a week (maybe 2 if i am at my moms) where i sleep in and christian gets up with mags but most days she and i are up facing the world usually in the car going to work.

man it is hard i love my sleep.

anyway what time do your kids get up? if you have older kids when do they start sleeping past 6?


Katie said...

Well, Olivia was easy. At six months she starting sleeping from 7 to 7, not questions asked. Charlotte, on the other hand, still favors 5:30. We just leave some stuffed animals in her crib and let her play in there for sometimes a full hour before we get her out. Occasionally she'll fall back asleep. Just think, one day they'll be teenagers and we'll be pulling them out of bed by their hair at noon :)

allison said...

CDH may wake up at 6am but we don't get her untiul 7. She usually talks, squeals...or falls back asleep.