Tuesday, August 21, 2007

5 month update from the mom

so is she not just the cutest! of course i am biased but i still think she is a cute baby anyway..even if she wasnt mine, which i can say i am so grateful that she is!!

anyway her milestones for lately are that she is eating like a champ as you can see from the below videos. she has mastered ceral, bananas, pears, sweet peas, sweet potatos and soon carrots and apples.

she is sleeping in her crib now, i finally broke down and moved her after she kepy waking up at night! she was waking at 3am again. so we moved her and now she is sleeping like a champ.

she is rolling over from back to front and getting stuck b/c she cant figure out how to get back over!!

she is trying to sit up and is getting frustrated b/c she cant yet!!

anyway she is a punkin! i just love her!! i hope you enjoy this updated blog.

the mom

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