Saturday, June 2, 2007

update on the bug!

  • so this is mommy, thought i would update everyone how what has been going on. she is doing incredible, i think i may be biased, but i feel like she is really ahead and such a sweet girl. we took her to a concert last night at the church and i think anytime people see a baby all they think is oh gosh is she going to cry the whole time! well peanut didnt peep for 2 entire hours. she watched the lights and listened to the music. i think she even danced a little :0) we are so blessed with such a sweet girl, she has her dads mellow personality.
  • she rolled over the other day, we were taking pictures and she almost rolled right off the ottoman :) the Dr told me she would roll early and she did. she has done it 2 other times since then but not every time yet. as you can see from the pictures she loves to look around and hold her head up. she does that for long periods of time not just for the second i get the picture. she is watching baby einstein videos and enjoying them! she is watching one right now and is facinated! God love Julie Clark for thinking of that for babies!
  • she is wearing a pair of PJs right now that are 3-6 months! she can still wear her 0-3 but not for much longer! we have had to make sure she wears her 0-3 outfts at least once before she outgrows them. she is wearing a different outfit almost everyday to her preschool class. well not really preschool but it is a class. she loves it, i think and the teachers love her. she is an easy baby. i dont know what we did to get so lucky to have her.

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